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Artist Statement

My creative work is an attempt to evoke an inner curiosity that urges the viewer to come in close and have a sensory experience with the texture and colors. The desire to explore the shadows and textures of something is so primal, sensual, and very inspiring to me.  

There is often a resemblance to nature in my work, or something organic and alien. I am captivated by the play of luminescence  and shadow, iridescence and vibrant color on textures. Water flowing over rocks, sand and glistening shells, nature taking control, and unusual creatures make my imagination fire up. 

Sometimes the work is unavoidably motivated by the current news and politics.


There is always a mixed assortment of materials that must be used to produce a three-dimensional, sculptural painting.





Jason Aurelio-Thomas lives and works in New York. 

In my artistic endeavors, I aim to beckon forth an inner curiosity, inviting observers to draw near and immerse themselves in a sensory dance of texture and hues. The primal allure of exploring shadows and embracing textures resonates deeply within me, an inspiration that ignites a profound and sensual spark.

Nature, in its myriad forms, often finds a mirrored reflection in my creations—a dance between the organic and the otherworldly. I am spellbound by the interplay of luminescence and shadow, captivated by the mesmerizing dance of iridescence and vibrant colors upon diverse textures. Whether it's the cascade of water over rocks, the whisper of sand beneath glistening shells, or the untamed beauty of nature reclaiming its dominion, my imagination alights with vivid imagery of unconventional creatures and untold stories.

Occasionally, the pulse of current events and the ebb and flow of political tides become an inescapable muse, infusing my work with a dynamic energy that reflects the zeitgeist.

Within every piece, there exists a kaleidoscopic blend of materials, meticulously curated to breathe life into a three-dimensional, sculptural painting—an artistic endeavor where form and substance converge in a harmonious symphony of creativity.


If you are interested in buying, or showing the work, please use the contact form to connect with the artist.

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